The Heritage Fauteuils are supplied as standard in an upholstery of beautiful, strong corduroy (Martindale: 50,000 rpm). You may choose from twenty-four colours. However, it is always possible to supply your own covering material. If you do so, you should need six meters of fabric. In case of a large repeat, we advise you to get in touch with us first. We will be pleased to advise you! Our six standard models can be customised to your preferences. For each model, you can choose from at least two different legs in the shades cherry, mahogany, walnut and piano black, with or without castors. If you do not have a specific preference, you will get the standard finishing in the colour that best fits the covering material of your choice.

Fauteuil George

The George is based on a chair by Gillows of Lancaster from around 1780. Gillows was one of the first large furniture factories of Great Britain and delivered not only to the Court and the aristocracy, but also to the bourgeoisie and the emerging middle class. The furniture by Gillows stand out for their sober, classical forms, but influences from – for example – Paris, were quickly picked up. The elegant saber legs at the rear of the George are an example of this. Saber legs were introduced around 1780 by the famous Parisian furniture maker George Jacob.

The George is named after King George III (1738-1820) of Great Britain, who reigned from 1760 until his death in 1820.

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